Sunday, July 03, 2005


walkin on park strt w/ frnd, jst outside oxford.
random dude (rd) walks up to me.
d followin conv ensues.

rd: xcuse me, wud u like to go to sourav's w/ me?
me: ehh?
rd: yes
me: y?
rd: fr d stamp (pointin at his wrist)
me: umm... no
rd: plz ma'am, fr stamp only! only 2 mins...
me: sorry... NO.

rd walks away.

abt an hr later. crossin strt in frnt of music world, almost in frnt of sourav's. still w/ frnd. try hailin cab, bt cabbie sez he won't go to new alipore.
another (different, i must specify) random dude (rd2) walks up to me.

rd2: ma'am, can u go to sourav's w/ me?
me: err... no. (n goin wtf? inside m head)
rd2: plz ma'am, only fr 2 mins, jst fr d stamp (makin vague gestures w/ his arms n wrists)
me: sorry, i can't (very firmly)
rd2: u jst hav to go in, n den u can cm out (very persistently)

frnd (lookin seriously freaked by nw) n me (probably lookin more perplexd dan paris hilton in a nunnery) hav bn walkin all dis while, w/ rd2 followin!

rd2: plz ma'am, y nt mam?

earlier cabbie takes pity, n drives up to us, n asks us to get in. we hop in very gratefully. rd2 finally givs up n starts walkin off as cabbie starts drivin.

i mean, seriously, wat d fuck ws dat? who r these ppl? wher do dey cm frm? n y do they think it's ok to jst walk up to strange women n ask dem to accompany dem to wherevr? it ws rathr gross. n made me wanna take a bath.
ughh. to think that ppl wud assume u're d kinda person dat wud actually respond to such a proposition.