Monday, July 11, 2005

what is this obsession with the number 3?

tagged by dd!

three names i go by:

1. golla
2. golai
3. golu
(yes, i was an absolutely round little kid when i was about a year old.)

three screen names:

1. teleute
2. mia devlin
3. nick_da_devil (lali's going to kill me for this one! :D)

three things i like about myself:

1. my ability to laugh at myself
2. determination
3. absolute self-awareness and self-acceptance

three things i don't like about myself:

1. the streak of obsessive-compulsiveness in me
2. my propensity for shutting myself off from everything and everyone when i'm feeling low
3. absolute self-awareness and acceptance - makes me completely unwilling to change in any way

three things that scare me:

1. the idea that my parents might find out all the things that i really get up to
2. being vulnerable
3. not being able to live my life on my own terms

three essentials:

1. someone to cheer me up when i'm feeling sad
2. lots and lots of space when i feel like being alone
3. a computer with unlimited internet access and brilliant music

three things i like in the opposite sex:

1. brilliant conversation (i mean, i love it when i find someone absolutely fascinating!)
2. smile
3. sex-appeal (of course! what were you expecting?)

three things i want to do badly now:

1. go out
2. make out with the object of my almost-constant-lust
3. party

three careers i am considering right now:

1. becoming a professor (yeah baby! i'm going to be the next new professor lurking about JUDE corridors :D)
2. blogging - reading and writing (yay! :D)
3. garbage management (people from college will know what i'm talking about! :D)

three places i want to go on vacation:

1. bangalore (have been planning to go for two years - hasn't worked out as yet. lots of friends there.)
2. all the places i've seen on screen and fallen in love with
3. sandakphu (on a trek!)

three kids' names i like:

1. oochie
2. coochie
3. hoochie

three things to do before dying:

1. sleep with the object of my almost-constant-lust. (i mean, i expect it to be a pretty forgettable experience. but since i've spent so much time thinking about it, it would be such a shame to die without actually doing it.)
2. love passionately, and be loved with an equal intensity.
3. be free.

three winners (?) who have to take this quiz:

  • illusionary
  • herenow
  • melchizedek

  • update alert:

    since herenow has been tagged by lancelot'stake as well, am officially tagging alice instead.

    alice - please don't feel neglected. had this tag not had this strange 3 only! fixation, would have tagged you much earlier!

    and all those who read my blog - i feel like tagging all of you. so please go ahead and tag yourselves if the mood takes you :D