Tuesday, June 07, 2005

uff... life is so infernally pissin off.

day update:

sleep: 3 n a hlf hrs of it b/w 4 n 8 in d mornin.
xam: suckd.
bag: ashd cig in it b mistake. had to empty out n clean it bfor i cud get back home.
purse: ovrspent 50 bucks. no summer job lined up. situation nt good.
weathr: lovely! jst peachy. i feel like an ice-cube. rapidly meltin.
comp: hangd thrice.
music: winamp won't start.
msn: complete chut. did nt let me log in fr 1 hr n 48 minutes. yes, i ws countin.
feet: blisters on both frm nu shoes. inch long cut on left ft frm skirmish w/ chair.
miscellaneous: discovery of chit of paper, on which i'd bn playin variations of "he loves me/ he loves me nt" a really long time ago (seriously. it ws very long ago. i ws still in school) abt ex-crush. mom found it preservd in grandmothr's telephone diary (wat d fck?) n took me up on it.